Will Dielenberg APP M.Photog

Photographic artist, aviator and lover of the ocean for over 40 years.


Will Dielenberg’s passion, tenacity and artistry are evident in the work and his commitment to excellence is unwavering. Motivated and inspired by the beauty that surrounds us, Will is driven to capture both the natural and the urban landscape in all of its splendour. His love of photography was ignited nearly 40 years ago as a young teen interested in capturing his friends surfing and skateboarding during the 1970s. A lot has changed since, but the one constant is Will’s appreciation of the art.




Driven to realising his vision, Will’s perspective is not limited to terra firma. With decades of experience and thousands of hours piloting helicopters, Will enjoys a unique view of the obvious and sometimes overlooked landscape.




From his childhood until now, the hours spent sitting quietly on his board waiting for a wave remain for Will a most cathartic and necessary investment in time. As a young boy pre the technology of today, there was no way of knowing what the next day would bring. The anticipation of what was to come and the thrill at the sight of a great wave at first light was, as a young surfer, the very reason for his existence...“How fortunate a man I am to be able to mirror the motivation and sensory reward of my youth with my love of photography. The preparation and pre dawn adventure for a chance to capture the perfect light is filled with as much anticipation and occasional reward as my childhood years as a wide-eyed sunburnt grommet.”




Travelling as much as possible, which is rarely enough given the diversity and scale of this wonderful Australian land, Will is always looking for colour, texture and drama in the landscape. From image capture, post processing through to framing and presentation, the result that is uppermost in Will’s mind is impact...“My challenge is to present an image that resonates with the observer, either with the pure beauty of the scene challenging the senses, or motivating them on an emotional level. It’s extremely rewarding for me to hear the surprised expressions and praise for my work in our gallery.”

Fine Art Landscape Photographer Will Dielenberg