What Kind Of Photographic Equipment Does Will Use?

It's not all about the camera, that's for sure, but good quality tools certainly help ensure the best outcome. On the ground and in the air I now enjoy the privilege of shooting with a Phase One Trichromatic camera system, coupled with Schneider Kreusnach lenses. This to me is photography taken to another level, with 100mp of full frame medium format colour rich magic, 15 stops of dynamic range and a ton of useful features in the XF body... "I'm obviously still very excited by it!" When in the ocean I'll be holding onto a Sony A7RII housed in an almost indestructible Aquatech Housing. The Sony and a Canon 5Dsr also find airtime, mounted to a  Ronin-MX gimbal, attached to our DJI Matrice 600 Pro, again with the best lenses currently available. Camera technology is constantly evolving and I've been as guilty as most for getting swept along with the latest and greatest but if I’m asked to advise someone getting into photography for the first time (it comes up often) I stress the importance of quality glass. "Buy the best lens that's suited to your photographic style and that your budget can accommodate, then purchase the camera body that you can afford with what you have left to spend" By the time a camera warranty expires, the unit is most often superseded by the next must-have camera body, but a great lens is still a great lens... Glass is King.

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