2019 APPA - Australian Professional Photography Awards

Another big year. Congrats to all who entered.

A great result for us...

Serpent - "Silver With Distinction"

Enigma - "Silver With Distinction"

Go Fish - "Silver"

Figure - "Silver"

Web News Pic.jpg

Art lovers…

And those who like my stuff!

Big news… and I’m excited!

Our Lorne gallery is closing.

(How can this be a good thing?).


I’m going surfing!


It’s been over 15 years without a break and it’s now coming to an end. The realisation that time is getting away along with the news that later this year my wife and I are becoming grandparents for the first time, has jolted us into action and now lifestyle and adventure have become our priority.


Photography and the Gallery have been good to us and whilst it hasn’t been an easy decision to close our space, the freedom of photographic creativity (not driven by the need to make a profit) is something that I am most excited about into the future.


To those of you who have purchased my work within our galleries and to the many of you who return just to experience the changing display, a big sincere Thank You to you all.


Limited releases will continue to be available online and by gallery representation - to be announced in the near future.


Thank you to you all and…


“See you out there!”


In the meantime, back to business…

Come and see us before we close at the end of July and grab yourself that special piece or gift you’ve been considering. Our Limited Edition Print prices are as firm as ever (but twist our arms on the price of the framing for a never to be repeated deal). But only until the end of July!

Wow, since the announcement we've been swamped. Thank you to all who have dropped in for a final visit and for all of your good wishes. As it turns out, orders are now such that we will be remaining open until the bulk of our customer's pieces have been delivered. This will give you guys a few extra weeks to come and see us... it cannot last forever.


2018 APPA - Australian Professional Photography Awards

Congratulations to all the category winners. A great result for us...

Think Again - "Silver With Distinction"

Circle Work - "Silver With Distinction"

Twilight - "Silver"

Devil Creek - "Silver"

AIPP Silver With Distinction Award Winning Print | Circle Work

Hasselblad Masters' Competition

I've just received this correspondence and I'm very excited about it...

Congratulations! Your entry in the Landscape/Nature category has been progressed through to the 'Finalists' stage of the Hasselblad Masters 2018!
Once again, we've had a record number of entries for the competition and selecting just 10 entries to go through to the 'Finalists' stage has been a very difficult task, with the standard being extremely high.
The next step is the Public Jury vote, which will take place on the Hasselblad website (www.hasselblad.com) until end October 2017.  Photographers worldwide will be able to login and vote on the finalist images in each category, with the votes in each category then counting as the public vote for the main Masters Jury.

Hasselblad Masters Finalist 2018
Aerial Photograph Mangrove Pilbara
Aerial Photograph Dampier Salt

2017 APPA - Australian Professional Photography Awards

Good luck to all!

Two awarded entries for us...

Thoughts - "Silver With Distinction"

Tapestry - "Silver"

Australian Professional Photography Awards 2016

The APPA's are on again this weekend. Good luck to all.
A new release of mine that is entered... "Big Blue"

Aerial Photograph Coral Spawn
Aerial Photograph Tidal Creek

Australian Professional Photography Awards 2015

The Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPAs) are over for another year. Congrats to all the winners.
For me... four entries for one Silver and two Silver with Distinction awards. Featured is one of my latest images in "Ochre Tide"


Busy little image of late...
"Tracks" recently awarded Gold in the New Zealand Institute Of Professional Photography Awards and today captured the "Aerial Award" in the International Landscape Photographer Of The Year Awards.

Aerial Photograph Tracks
Glen Moriarty Postcards

Postcards Television

Glen Moriarty and the team from Channel 9 join Will in our Lorne gallery for an episode of Postcards.

AIPP Victorian Landscape Photographer Of The Year

2015 AIPP VIC Landscape Photographer of the Year – Winner Will Dielenberg AAIPP

Very proud to announce that I have been awarded the
"2015 AIPP VIC Landscape Photographer of the Year".
Thanks to the AIPP, Epson, all the event volunteers for a big effort again this year and everyone who has been supportive.
Woo Hoo!

APPA 2014

The Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPAs) are done and dusted for another year. Congrats to all the winners including Ricardo Da Cunha who took out Australian Landscape Photographer 2014.
For me... four entries for three Silvers and a Silver with Distinction which has earned me my AIPP Associateship. Two of my awarded images (which I had held back for this competition) are "Liquid Gold" and something a little more subtle in "Murroon".
Competitions for the year are now behind us, so I'll be back to posting new images as they come up.
Dare I say it again.... "what a great year!"

APPA Award Winning Image Murroon
APPA Award Winning Image Liquid Gold
Epson Award Winning Image Zeally Bay

Epson International Pano Awards 2014

Results are in!

Proud to say that I've been awarded 4th place in this years Epson International Pano Awards with "Zeally Bay", a Gold award with a score of 90.

International Landscape Photographer Of The Year Awards 2014

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I have been awarded third place in "The International Landscape Photographer Of The Year" 2014.
Whilst I was obviously pleased to have achieved three images in the "101" Book which gave me a real chance as a finalist, this placing has been a real welcome surprise (especially given the calibre of entrants). You can check it out for yourself as it is also published online for flip page viewing...

A tougher year in the Epson Pano Awards 26th Aug 2014

This year certainly has raised the ire of a few entrants in the Epson Pano Awards, as can be seen in the many negative Facebook posts (one irate photographer going as far as to question the integity of the judges). This is not on, in my opinion.

It had been stated prior to the judging that the score required to qualify for a Bronze had been lifted by five points, but what couldn't be predicted was that the bar was to be raised by this years judging panel and as a consequence it was to be quite an achievement to be granted an award of any sort, let alone scoring a coveted Gold or a position amoungst the finalists.

We all like an "addaboy", it feels good to be recognised with a Bronze Award or better, but it is much more rewarding when they become harder to acheive. I personally dislike "Participation Awards", not every image deserves a medal... I learn as much from my poorly reviewed images as I do from my winners.

Well done Epson Pano Awards.... Keep it consistant and raise the bar! (even if it pushes the quest for Gold well over the horizon).

Fingers crossed that my highest scoring image makes the Top Tens and the final judging round.

Digital Show Melbourne 15th Sep 2013

Enjoyed a good run at this weekend's Digital Show in Melbourne... Had a couple of prints displayed as finalists in the Epson Pano Awards and was thrilled to have another image incorporated into the Epson trade exhibit. The Australian Professional Photography Awards judging was also a highlight of the event and I'm pleased to say that I was awarded a Silver for "Princess Pier" and with a further print still up for review. Big weekend.