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Will Dielenberg realises his original vision by maintaining control over the entire creative process; from image capture, processing, right through to print and presentation...


"I am proud of my work yet I am also my own harshest critic. I cannot conceive of putting out a piece that I don’t believe in, hence the entire process is handled in house".


Will Dielenberg Fine Art Digital Printmaking.

Presented on the wonderful "Canson Infinity Platine Fibre Rag" archival paper using the worlds finest printers, our Epson Stylus Pro 7900 and 9900s. Glorious prints that when properly framed and displayed will endure for generations, ensuring the longevity of your investment.

All limited edition prints will arrive numbered, signed and ready to frame, including a certificate of authenticity, within 2-4 weeks from purchase. All limited edition print prices include free shipping to anywhere in the world.

Every effort has been taken to accurately reflect the vibrancy of the finished image however; due to different monitor settings and the obvious limitations of low resolution presentation some variation can be expected. You can be assured though that your Will Dielenberg limited edition print will be sharper and more vibrant than we could hope to present online.

What Has Influenced Will's Decision Regarding Printing And Presentation?


I still have the fondest memories of many hours spent in the "wet darkroom" environment. My earliest days, enjoying the magic of the reveal of a black and white print floating in a tray of developer or the incredible look of depth and luminosity in Cibachrome print are still with me but it’s not the 80’s anymore and things have changed.

Contrary to what I’ve heard said (in fact the last time was from a wholesaler of ink based print technology supplies) we are yet to have exhausted the world’s supply of silver. Yes, I know it sounds funny but the quote was “Sliver Halide is a dead technology". Someone might want to inform those who are printing glorious images on Silver Halide Paper or Flex that it’s almost over… well of course it’s not! That said, why do many artists and I choose the Giclee process over the C Type print? Pigment Ink (Giclee) printing has surpassed Silver Halide output in terms of colour range and more importantly, longevity and is available on a multitude of varying media including the finest art papers manufactured by companies with hundreds (yes hundreds) of years experience producing beautiful archival paper. In fact Canson, who lovingly manufacture our paper of choice can trace their history as a company back to the year 1557! With regard to the question of longevity… well, I gratefully seek professional advice on these matters from the experts. Wilhelm Imaging Research conduct accelerated light permanency tests for stability and the preservation of traditional and digital colour photographs and motion pictures and are testing our improved product. The previous paper having had a 113-year permanence rating without noticeable fading or change in colour balance suggests that we could see the current paper coming in at over 125 years or more and remember this is displayed, not in dark storage. This is under bright home or office conditions. When expertly framed with conservation acrylic and archival materials (as we do) our fine art prints will continue resplendent in display for generations.

Fine Art Digital Printing